About Liar Liar

“You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

If you don’t already know, that’s one of the most memorable lines from the movie “The Help.” Whether it was the sweet innocent eyes of a precious blonde little girl or the convincing truth coming from Viola Davis’ character, those are words we won’t soon forget.

I have to wonder, if we were to fast forward 15 years and ask that little girl if she believed those words, what she would say. If I could guess, her answer would be something like this:

“Why would I believe that I’m kind, smart, and important? I’m lucky to remember my own mother’s name since I’ve spent most of my life in the care of my nanny. I often ask myself if there was something I could have done differently to make her love me.  I never do anything right. When she is around she’s constantly telling me how I need to do better, look prettier, get better grades, and focus on being perfect for everyone else. I’m just existing, that’s all I know to do.”

Yes the movie is fiction, but there is more truth behind the story of that little girl than we may realize. Maybe you’re that little girl. Maybe you’re now a grown woman or man whom desperately wants to believe that you are somebody.

An Manifesto Just for You

I want to tell you the truth today.

Allow the words of this book to slap you in the face with a dose of reality.

I want to help you stop believing the lies of who you think you are.

It is time to take the next step of knowing and believing who you are.