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What readers are saying

This book is a “must” for all who are struggling and need peace and joy in your life.”
—J Mancke

This is great encouragement for women and is a truth we all need to align with concerning the lies we believe!”

Highly recommend, especially if you need to renew your mind.”
—Celeste Barnard

It’s a short book that can be read in one sitting. Yet, her words touch the soul deeply.”
—Amy von Borstel

This book is for anyone who might be feeling stuck in a pit of lies and discouragement.”
—Eileen Knowles

A little manifesto written with passion and honesty by a young woman who lives a message relevant for every day of our lives.”
—Maria Keckler

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If you’re still not sure if this manifesto is for you, you can read the first chapter free here.

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